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This is an ongoing list of scripting changes that have been implemented to scripting side of Tabletop Simulator.

5/25/18 - v10.6
  • Custom UI:
    • 3D UI added for objects (simialar to createButton/Input)
      • Each object can have its own assets (images)
      • Point scripting towards an object UI with object.UI.setAttribute(...)
      • Events called from an object's UI will automatically go to that object's Script. To override that feature and send it to Global, use Global/functionName for the attribute's name.
    • UI.load() added:
      • Allows for dynamic UI creation from a string
      • This OVERWRITES THE CURRENT XML on the target Global/object!!!
    • Click sounds added for inputs
    • Text universal attributes outlined in attributes section
    • FIXED: Player colors now match TTS colors. For example, "red" is now equivalent to the player color red exactly.
    • FIXED: Dragging is improved so the element doesn't snap to its rectAlignment when dragged.
    • FIXED: When changing active attribute from script visibility would sometimes not work correctly
5/9/18 - v10.5.1
  • Custom UI:
    • Added and UI.hide(id) for disabling and enabling ui with animations.
    • Now support the Image tag for custom images.
    • Supports overriding the look of the UI using this custom image support.
    • Fixed visibility attribute not working correctly on elements with no id attribute or layout tag.
    • Fixed offsetXY set/getAttribute() not working.
    • Added Tooltip attribute for all objects
5/7/18 - v10.5
  • Addition of XML Custom UI and associated documentation as part of this documentation.
  • onSearchStart/onSearchEnd/onObjectSearchStart/onObjectSearchEnd added to Events.
  • The log() command's "label" and "tag" parameters were reversed to log(object, label, tags)
  • Scripted object button changes
    • The click_function of scripted object buttons now passes an argument for alt_click. This allows determining if anything besides left click was used on the button (like right click)
    • hover_color and press_color added as optional parameters
  • getJSON() and spawnObjectJSON() created.
  • Turns global static class added
    • Member variables for controlling how turns work
    • New event trigger for player turns beginning (onPlayerTurn)
    • Devalued previous onPlayerTurn events
  • Changelog moved under Getting Started due to the fact that it applies to the UI API as well as the scripting API. But I guess you figured that out already, didn't ya.
  • Added getJSON and spawnObjectJSON to Object/Base, respectively.
3/26/18 - v10.4 Hotfix 2
  • New Tabletop Simulator Scripting Documentation is created.