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The LayoutZone behavior is present on Layout Zones.


Function Name Return Description
Returns the layout zones options.
Causes the layout zone to (re)layout.
Sets the layout zone's options. If an option is not included in the table, then the zone's value for that option will remain unchanged.


Log a layout zone's options.



Layout zone option tables may contain the following properties.

Name Type Description
allow_swapping When moving an object from one full group to another, the object you drop on will be moved to the original group.
alternate_direction Objects added to a group will be aligned up or right, different from the preceding object in the group. Used, for example, in trick-taking games to make counting easier.
cards_per_deck Sets the size of decks made by the layout zone when it combines newly added cards.
combine_into_decks Whether cards added to the zone should be combined into decks. You may specify the number of cards per deck.
direction The directions the groups in the zone expand into. This will determine the origin corner.
horizontal_group_padding How much horizontal space is inserted between groups.
horizontal_spread How far each object in a group is moved horizontally from the previous object.
instant_refill When enabled, if ever a group is picked up or removed the rest of the layout will trigger to fill in the gap
manual_only The zone will not automatically lay out objects: it must be triggered manually.
max_objects_per_group Each group in the zone may not contain more than this number of objects.
max_objects_per_new_group When new objects are added to a zone, they will be gathered into groups of this many objects.
meld_direction The direction the objects within a group will expand into.
meld_reverse_sort When enabled the sort order inside a group is reversed
meld_sort How groups are sorted internally.
meld_sort_existing When enabled all groups will be sorted when laid out, rather than only newly added groups.
new_object_facing Determines whether newly added objects are turned face-up or face-down.
randomize Objects will be randomized whenever they are laid out
split_added_decks Decks added to the zone will be split into their individual cards.
sticky_cards When picked up, cards above the grabbed card will also be lifted.
trigger_for_face_down Face-Down objects dropped on zone will be laid out.
trigger_for_face_up Face-Up objects dropped on zone will be laid out.
trigger_for_non_cards Non-card objects dropped on zone will be laid out
vertical_group_padding How much vertical space is inserted between groups.
vertical_spread How far each object in a group is moved vertically from the previous object.