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Grid, a static global class, controls the in-game grid. It allows you to manipulate the placement and appearance of the grid in the same way as the in-game interface.

Example usage: Grid.show_lines = true.

Member Variables

Variable Description Type
type The type of the grid. 1 = Rectangles, 2 = Horizontal hexes, 3 = Vertical hexes.
show_lines Visibility of the grid lines.
color Color of the grid lines.
opacity Opacity of the grid lines.
thick_lines Thickness of the grid lines. false = Thin, true = Thick.
snapping Method of snapping objects to the grid. 1 = Off, 2 = Lines, 3 = Center, 4 = Both.
offsetX X offset of the grid origin.
offsetY Y offset of the grid origin.
sizeX Width of the grid cells.
sizeY Height of the grid cells.