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Turns, a static global class, is the in-game turns system. It allows you to modify the player turns in the same way that the in-game Turns menu does.

Example usage: Turns.reverse_order = true.

Member Variables

Variable Description Type
enable Enable/disable the turns system.
type If the turn order is automatic or custom. 1=auto, 2=custom.
order A table of strings, representing the player turn order.
reverse_order Enable/disable reversing turn rotation direction.
skip_empty_hands Enable/disable skipping empty hands.
disable_interactations Enable/disable the blocking of players ability to interact with Objects when it is not their turn.
pass_turns Enable/disable a player's ability to pass their turn to another.
turn_color The color of the Player who's turn it is.

Function Summary


Function Name Description Return
Returns the Player Color string of the next player in the turn order.
Returns the Player Color string of the previous player in the turn order.