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boundaryAs mentioned in the Introduction, attributes are modifiers that can be applied to elements. They can be applied to individual elements or to whole groups of them.


They consists of two parts, a tag and a value. The value is always in quotation marks.

Attribute types

For XML, most of the attribute types are self-explanatory, like string or float (See Lua Scripting section for details on those). However XML has some unique types.

    • HTML 6 Char Hex: #FFFFFF (white 100% opacity)
    • 8 Char Hex: #FFFFFFCC (white 80% opacity)
    • RGB Color: rgb(1,1,1) (white 100% opacity)
    • RGBA Color: rgba(1,1,1,0.8) (white 80% opacity)
    • Player Color: White (white 100% opacity)
    • Color block values are used to specify the colors for elements such as buttons and input fields.
    • Format: (normalColor|highlightedColor|pressedColor|disabledColor) where each color is formatted as above, e.g. #FFFFFF|White|#C8C8C8|rgba(0.78,0.78,0.78,0.5)
    • True: 1 or true
    • False: 0 or false

Common Attributes

Elements all share some common attributes which are not repeated under their separate entries. They can be broker down into category.

General Attributes

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
active Specifies whether or not this element is active. This can be used to hide/show elements via scripting. Triggering this via script will not trigger animations. bool true
class This allows you to group elements together by giving them the same class. It is used with Defaults. string (none)
id Used by Lua scripting to identify an element within the XML. string (none)
isDropReceiver Determine if an object triggers onElementDropped. bool false
visibility What colors are able to see the element. See below for additional details. string (visible to all)

Visibility Targets

The visibility attribute allows for only certain people or groups to see an element. Hiding an element will hide its children as well.

Visible To All Players

Not using the visibility attribute (or setting it to an empty string) does not limit the visibility of the element.

Visiblity Selection
  • Host: Only visible to the game host.
  • Admin: Only visible to the host and any promoted player.
  • Red: Only visible to the player in that seat color. (Works with all valid color names)
  • Clubs: Only visible to members of that player group. (Works with all valid team names)
Combining Groups

You are able to list multiple color names in a single string by placing a vertical line | between valid entries.

Example: "Red|Blue|Host" would be visible to the red seat, blue seat and the host of the server.

Text Attributes

Many, but not all, elements have a text attribute.

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
text This can be used to determine the text that appears. It can also be modified externally by the script. string (none)
  • UpperLeft
  • UpperCenter
  • UpperRight
  • MiddleLeft
  • MiddleCenter
  • MiddleRight
  • LowerLeft
  • LowerCenter
  • LowerRight
color #323232
  • Normal
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • BoldItalic
fontSize float 14
resizeTextForBestFit Resize text to fit? false
resizeTextMinSize Minimum font size float 10
resizeTextMaxSize Maximum font size float 40
  • Wrap
  • Overflow
  • Truncate
  • Overflow

Image Attributes

Applies to elements with an image component. The string that images all take is the NAME THE IMAGE WAS GIVEN WHEN YOU PUT IT IN THE IN-GAME ASSET MANAGER.

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
image Name of image (in the asset manager). string (none)
preserveAspect Should the aspect ratio of this image be preserved? (varies)
color Color for this element's image clear or #FFFFFF
type Image Type Simple, Sliced, Filled, Tiled (varies)
raycastTarget If the element blocks clicks. true

Appearance Attributes

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
shadow Defines the shadow color of this element. (none)
shadowDistance Defines the distance of the shadow for this element. float(x) float(y) 1 -1
outline Defines the outline color of this element. (none)
outlineSize Defines the size of this elements outline. float(x) float(y) 1 -1

Layout Element Attributes

These will only apply to elements within a layout group.

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
ignoreLayout Should this element ignore its parent layout group? false
minWidth Minimum width for this element. float
minHeight Minimum height for this element. float
preferredWidth Preferred width for this element. float
preferredHeight Preferred height for this element. float
flexibleWidth Should the width of this element be flexible?
  • 1
  • 0
flexibleHeight Should the height of this element be flexible?
  • 1
  • 0

Position/Size Attributes (Basic)

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
rectAlignment Defines this elements position within its parent. Only applies to elements not contained within layout groups. UpperLeft, UpperCenter, UpperRight, MiddleLeft, MiddleCenter, MiddleRight, LowerLeft, LowerCenter, LowerRight MiddleCenter
width Defines the width of this element. float (fixed width) or a Percentage value 100%
height Defines the height of this element. float (fixed width) or a Percentage value 100%
offsetXY Defines an offset to the position of this element, e.g. a value of -32 0 will cause this element to be 32 pixels to the left of where it would otherwise be. float (x) float (y) 0 0

Position/Size Attributes (Adv)

These provide deeper access to Unity's RectTransform properties.

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
anchorMin float(x) float(y)
anchorMax float(x) float(y)
sizeDelta float(x) float(y)
pivot float(x) float(y)
position float(x) float(y) float(z)
rotation float(x) float(y) float(z)
scale float(x) float(y)
offsetMin float(left) float(bottom)
offsetMax float(left) float(bottom)

Dragging Attributes

Allow users to move elements by click/dragging.

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options Default Value      
allowDragging Allow this element to be dragged?
Does not work on child elements of layout groups)
restrictDraggingToParentBounds Prevent this element from being dragged outside of its parent? true
returnToOriginalPositionWhenReleased If this is set to true, then the element will return to its original position when it is released. true

Animation Attributes

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
  • None
  • Grow
  • FadeIn
  • SlideIn_Left
  • SlideIn_Right
  • SlideIn_Top
  • SlideIn_Bottom
  • None
  • Shrink
  • FadeOut
  • SlideOut_Left
  • SlideOut_Right
  • SlideOut_Top
  • SlideOut_Bottom
showAnimationDelay Adds a short delay before playing this element's show animation. float 0
hideAnimationDelay Adds a short delay before playing this element's hide animation. float 0
animationDuration Specifies how long show/hide animations should take to play. float 0.25

Tooltip Attributes

Allow any element to have a tooltip (text that appears when the element is hovered over by the mouse).

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
tooltip Tooltip text. string (none)
tooltipBorderColor Color of the tooltips border. #FFFFFF
tooltipBackgroundColor Color of the tooltips background rgba(0,0,0,0.62)
tooltipTextColor Color of the text within this tooltip
tooltipPosition Position of this tooltip in relation to the element.
  • Above
  • Below
  • Left
  • Right
tooltipBorderImage This attribute allows you to override the default image used for the tooltips border. string
tooltipBackgroundImage This attribute allows you to override the default image used for the tooltips background. string
tooltipOffset This attribute allows you to modify the distance this tooltip will appear from the element. float

Event Attributes

Allows Lua scripting events to be triggered by any element, through a variety of interactions. See the Input Elements page for how to interact with Lua scripting.

Attribute Name             Description                                  Type / Options                       Default Value      
onClick Clicking on the element. string
onMouseEnter Pointer entering the boundary of the element. string
onMouseExit Pointer leaving the boundary of the element. string
onDrag Element drag event. string
onBeginDrag Element beginning to be dragged. string
onEndDrag Element being release from its drag. string
onMouseDown Mouse click action. string
onMouseUp Mouse click finishing action. string
onSubmit string
onElementDropped An element needs isDropReceiver for this to trigger string


onClick, onMouseEnter, onMouseExit, onMouseDown and onMouseUp all pass the click button. The values are -1 LMB, -2RMB, -3 MMB, 0 touch single, 1 double touche, 2 triple touch.


Single Element Attributes

This is how you would assign attributes to a single element.

One Attribute

<Button onClick="test">Hello</Button>

Multiple Attributes

<Button onClick="test" allowDragging="true">Hello</Button>

Many Attributes

    tooltip="Test Tooltip"